Thursday, October 30, 2008


At the WMC, we have many of the diagnostic tools of the teaching hospital at our disposal. Our cases often get radiographs (x-rays), bloodwork and dermatology, opthamology and orthopedic consults. Yesterday, Spicy Burrita, a red tailed hawk, had an endoscopy. An endoscopy is a diagnostic test that allows us to see inside of a patient and take biopsies of tissues. Spicy Burrita's team found a suspicious mass on her radiographs and suspects that she might have a fungal infection, aspergillosis. With the endoscopy, they were able to look for the fungus and take a biopsy of her mass.

Dr. Mitchell helps Team 9 with the endoscopy



Monday, October 27, 2008

Case Report- Dark Princess

Dark Princess is a red tailed hawk who presented over the summer. She came in with several problems, most notably an injured digit. The digit had to be amputated, but otherwise she healed well. We were recently able to release Dark Princess and hope she is doing well back out in the wild.

Dark Princess in her run
Dark Princess in Ward

Close up of amputated toe
Dark Princess Foot

Happy in a tree after release!

Monday, October 6, 2008

More Turtle Treatments!

Another red-eared slider is still in the clinic. This turtle came in with a fractured shell. The shell repair is going well and hopefully this turtle will also be able to eventually be released.

Giving Fluids to the Turtle
Ear Eared Slider Fluids (Team 8)

Turtle Shell Repair
Red Eared Slider Shell Repair

PR Event Update!

The resident birds have been really busy lately. On September 27th and 28th, they went to an event at Prairieland Feeds.

Prairieland Feeds
Prairieland Feeds

This past weekend, Nokomis, Pistol and Noel went to the Mahomet IGA, while Odin and Penelope had an event in Monticello. Thanks to everyone who came to visit the birds!
Mahomet IGA
Mahomet IGA

Turtle Releases!

At the beginning of the semester, we had more turtles in the clinic than usual. In the last two weeks, two of those turtles were released! First, a red-eared slider affectionately named Seabottom. She came in with a hook through her esophagus and some problems with the bottom portion of her shell (called the plastron). We removed the hook and treated her shell for about two months. Two weeks ago, we were able to release her in Crystal Lake park.

Kerry Packing up Seabottom
Kerry and Seabottom

Seabottom just previous to release
Seabottom Release
The second turtle release happened this past weekend. Team 7's box turtle came in with an injured leg. The leg had to be amputated, but the turtle was able to get along fine without it. She was taken back to where she was found in Indiana and released. Thanks for the pictures Team 7!
Box Turtle Amputation Surgery

Box Turtle After Recovery
Box Turtle Post-op

Box Turtle Release
Team 7 Box Turtle Release
Team 7 Box Turtle Release