Sunday, December 5, 2010

Burrowing in for the Holidays

As we enter the Holiday season, the Wildlife Medical Clinic is typically visited by fewer patients. Many of our native wildlife have traveled further south or are burrowed in to wait out the long, cold nights. However, our residents are just as busy if not more busy now teaching us humans about their kind. Nokomis, Odin, Noelle, and Pistol have been making appearances all over Champaign County in order to help teach people about what we do at the clinic.

Even though he has not made his public debut, RJ is just as busy as the other raptors. We have been training him to step onto our arms on command, perch, and step into his kennel when asked. The imaginary buttons on our scrubs are pretty much bursting off! We are so proud of our newest addition. As the days keep getting shorter, and the nights (and days) are getting colder, our little friends stay inside. We keep them entertained by working with them and hiding their food in their kennels so they have to "work" a little for it. Yet, we are certain when they tuck their heads in, they are "itching" for spring and warmer weather just like we are.