Monday, April 7, 2008

Educational Event Update

Our residents were very busy last week. On Thursday night, Nokomis, Noel and Penelope visited Washington Early Childhood in Urbana for their "Night at the Zoo." The students got to see the birds up close and touch some real owl feathers!

Night at the Zoo:Nokomis

Erin with Noel and Penelope

On Friday morning, Odin and Pistol visited a 6th grade class in Monticello. They helped our volunteers discuss falconry with the students and enjoyed being out in the community.

Saturday was the College of Veterinary Medicine Annual Open House. Five of the residents (Nokomis, Noel, Pistol, Penelope and Odin) perched in the anatomy lab and wowed the visitors. Many people commented that they had never seen the birds so close before but often saw other members of the species in their yards or on the highway. The birds did great, considering the length of the event, and helped demonstrate the importance and beauty of wildlife to thousands of people.
Open House:
Amanda with Odin, Pistol, Penelope, Noel and Nokomis

Finally, Doodle for Wildlife is fast approaching. We have some amazing items in the auction, so don't forget to buy your tickets! Click here for more information or to purchase tickets.

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