Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Our first group of spring orphans came to the clinic this afternoon. Every spring brings an influx of orphaned birds, bunnies and squirrels to the clinic. Unfortunately, many of the orphans we receive would have been better left alone. Parents will often leave their young for long periods during the day, leading people to think the young have been abandoned. Our recommendations are to call us when:
1) you know the parents are dead (evidence of a dead adult nearby)
2) the animal is obviously injured, weak, thin, very cold or sick
3) the animal is covered with flies or insects , or
4) the animal is in unavoidable, unnatural danger.
If the "orphan" is fat, bright eyed and apparently healthy it is probably best left alone. You can return the animal to its nest (if you can find it) or move it out of the way to a safe location. If a baby bunny's eyes are open or a baby bird is completely feathered, they are typically old enough to fend for themselves.

Orphaned Squirrels
Orphan Squirrels

Feeding an Orphaned Squirrel
Kerry Squirrel

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