Thursday, April 16, 2009

Clinic Update 4/16

Activity in the clinic has picked up over the last few weeks. Every team has at least one case they are treating, and some of them are pretty interesting. The yellow-bellied sapsucker is still here, and we also have a woodpecker, a goose, a great horned owl, a turkey vulture and a couple of rabbits and squirrels. We also just got a couple of orphaned pigeons. Remember, young animals usually do best with their mothers, so only bring orphaned animals to us if you are sure they have been abandoned. Mother rabbits may only visit their nest twice a day to feed their young!

Team 4 with their Turkey Vulture
Team 4 Turkey Vulture
Team 4 Turkey Vulture
Team 4 Turkey Vulture

Canadian Goose
Goose Team 3

Great Horned Owl
GHO Team 6

Team 5 Rabbit Treatments
Team  5 Rabbit Tx

Orphaned Pigeons
Orphan Pigeon
Orphan Pigeon

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