Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Something to laugh about!

No, our clinic hasn't turned into a comedy club! We have a new member to add to our already stellar resident bird group. His name is RJ and he is a nine year old Laughing Kookaburra! Already, his cheerful call can be heard echoing throughout the Wildlife Medical Clinic.

RJ came to us from the Miller Park Zoo. At the Zoo, he did not get along with his female roommate. He had to be housed alone and off display. Another interesting thing about RJ is that he has an abnormal right foot and he doesn't like to put all of his weight on it. Here at the WMC, we hope to put him to great use as part of our educational, resident bird program!

RJ is now getting comfortable in his new home. It will take some time, and we will give him all the time he needs.

Kookaburra facts:

  • Kookaburras are natives to Australia and New Guinea
  • Kookaburras are a type of Kingfisher...but they don't eat fish!
  • In the wild, they eat small reptiles, rodents and small birds
  • Kookaburras mate for life
  • The Kookaburra's children will stay with their parents after they have grown to help raise the next clutch

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