Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Fever-Wildlife Style

Just in case none of the students were aware, the first of the orphan rush has arrived at the Wildlife Medical Clinic signaling the beginning of spring and hinting at the warmer weather yet to come. The beautiful weather this weekend had citizens outside and discovering all sorts of wildlife. At the clinic, we consider ourselves the "police" and "protectors" of nature. It is our job to make sure that no babynappings are occurring! As a reminder, if you do stumble across an orphan, check to make sure it is nice and healthy, pink, and seems content. If it is not any of those, then there is a possibility that it actually is orphaned. With many of the prey species, even the most careful of human observers will not see the mom, because she knows that her presence will attract predators. "Abandoned" babies is one reason that we receive many baby bunnies and fawns. As always, anyone is more than welcome to call the clinic to ask for help or advice.

This spring has also been a busy season for fundraisers. We had the 10th annual Doodle for Wildlife on March 5, 2011. It was a wonderful and very successful time. The Wildlife Medical Clinic also sponsored its very first paintball tournament fundraiser on April 3, 2011. While both of these events were successful, the Wildlife Medical Clinic has seen a decrease in donations. The Wildlife Medical Clinic is completely donation and volunteer run. Donations are tax deductable and all donations go towards the care of the injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife and the five resident raptors.

As we move into summer, we expect to be swamped with animals that need our care. Working with wildlife is both an honor and a privilege, that we do not take lightly. We greatly appreciate your partnering with us through your donations and support.

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